Requirement for Acceptance of Process
 CT Corporation Systems
and most other Registered Agents.

1. Check the Company you want served by Checking the Florida State Division of Corporate Records.


     A. Type in the name
     A. See If the Company is listed? (If so click on that company)
     B. Check to see if they are currently active with the State?
     C. Look for recent other changes in the listing?
     D. See who is the Current Registered Agent?

2. The proper way to fill out The Documents:
     Ford Motor Company Inc.
     % CT Corporation Systems
     1200 S. Pine Island Rd
     Plantation Fl. 33324
 Note: Put the Company Name at the top and the (In Care Of) % Underneath

3. You must have a Corporate Ending Exactly as it appears in the State Records:
     (This is the biggest problem area of Rejection for CT)

     Ford Motor Company Inc.
     Ford Motor Company
     Ford Motor Inc.
     Ford Motor LTD
     Ford Motor    (Will not be accepted)
     Ford Motors  (Will not be accepted)
 Note: All of these Companies may be listed along with many more, in the State records. If you only put Ford Motor on your Service of Process, "It will be rejected by them". They do not know which Company the Attorney want it to go to. CT does not know where to send it? All 5 of the above Ford Motor Companies May have different address for CT to send their Process To.

4. One last common problem:
     Do Not put a Person Name in the area where they want the process served. they do not accept process for any person. "It will be rejected". The reason is that CT Corporation & most Registered can only accept process for the Companies they Represent, Exactly as Registered by the State, not an individual.
 Note: You can put a Person Name, or whatever in the Body of the Service of Process.

    To: Ford Motor Corporation
         % CT Corporation Systems
         1200 S. Pine Island Rd.
          Plantation, FL 33324
     To: Bill Rogers
          Ford Motor Corporation
          % CT Corporation system
          1200 S. Pine Island Rd
           Plantation, fl 33324
Note: CT Corporation Systems Closes each Day at 3:00P For accepting Process. 
Hopefully this will help all of you, in filling out your Service of Process For CT or other Registered Agents, Preventing delays, Numerous Phone Calls and having to redo your Paper work